UI / UX Design

UI / UX Design

UX drives UI. Our team of UX designers at Acodez have ample of years of experience in the core areas of user experience, which helps them collaborate the finer modules of usability and functionality in-line with business goals and end-user needs..

Our UX Design Services

Interaction Design

UX and UI are the two most important aspects of any design process. One drives the other and as they say UI is incomplete without UX and vice-versa. We offer beautiful interaction processes that are driven by the most modern technologies to offer a great interactive experience for your users..

UX Research

UX (user experience) research is the study of learning what end users of a system or product need and want, then employing those insights to enhance the design process for products, services or software. UX research can take different forms depending on the area of focus.When they conduct UX research, UX researchers uncover the motivations, behaviors and needs of users via observations, analyzing how they perform certain tasks. UX research can also involve working directly with users via UX testing sessions, remotely observing users using digital tools, surveys to collect user feedback and other methods.


What is a Mood Board? Here is a definition you might find in a UX dictionary: A collection of assets and materials intended to communicate the style, voice, direction, and language of a particular design, brand, orproject.Determine what you want users to feel, and plan accordingly. You can put together imagery, color, language, and stylistic cues in such a way that you elicit the precise emotional response that you want.

Wire Framing

Wireframing is a process where designers draw overviews of interactive products to establish the structure and flow of possible design solutions. These outlines reflect user and business needs. Paper or software-rendered wireframes help teams and stakeholders ideate toward optimal, user-focused prototypes and products.Wireframing in UI/UX Design is one of the most crucial steps which involves visualizing the skeleton of digital applications. A wireframe is a layout of a product that demonstrates what interface elements will exist on key pages. It is a critical part of the interaction design process.

Information Architecture

Information architecture is a discipline that focuses on the organization of information within digital products. For example, when designers create apps and websites, they lay out each individual screen so that the user can easily find the information they need. They also create a flow that lets users navigate between screens without much effort. UX architects determine the right organization and flow.

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