15 Gift Ideas for Mom and Dad. Wherever They Are This Year

When you’re young, receiving gifts is the best part of the holidays. But now that we’re in college, and real (or pretending to be) adults, it’s time to think about giving back with our favorite gifts for parents. Your parents will think about you every time they’re snuggled up in it reading a good book or watching Shark […]

8 Cities That Show You What The Future Will Look Like (Innovative Ideas)

WIRED Magazine has created a list of Eight Cities That Will Show You What The Future Will Look Like in the latest edition of their design issue. In the relatively short span of time that humans have been planning cities, more and more decisions have been made that have shaped the path of new technologies and methods […]

Could this VR sketching tool be coming of age for designers in the future?

The lockdowns of 2020 forced many designers out of their studios and into makeshift home offices. As a result, they needed to adapt to new ways of working, often away from their colleagues. Some design disciplines were easier to migrate to home working than others. The inherent tactility and materiality of product design meant being […]